We don’t believe in big teams, but rather build from a core group of select experts working together.  BBM’s deep pool of experts allows us to take on projects of any scale within any industry.  Since all consultants work on an assignment basis it generates minimal operational costs thus allowing us to provide expert advice via a flexible and cost efficient structure. 

Daniel Birkhofer: Managing Director

Daniel was born in Freiburg, Germany and has a Bachelor of Arts degree — as well as an MBA from Middlesex University, London. Conducting business in the UAE since 2004 he relocated to Dubai in 2006 where he is still living and working.

Having set up and grown several SMEs in the U.A.E. over the past 12 years he intimately knows the challenges new businesses and SMEs are facing. Still involved in the day-to-day operation of his business interests he now focuses applying his knowledge, experience and networks to help other companies to enter the UAE, grow market share, and overcome business challenges. 

His expertise lies in seeing the full picture, implementing cost and time effective policies combined with innovative solutions to overcome any and all business challenges.

Since 2017 he has been the chairperson of an owners association of a villa community in Dubai.

Daniels Industries: Real Estate (and linked industries e.g. furniture), Business Setup and Operation, Publishing, Retail Distribution, Marketing, Events