Operating exclusively within the UAE and German markets our established expertise sees our tailored approach provide advice on how to win in very specific and unique business environments.

Are you completely new to the market? Need new or additional market research from proven sources? Then sit back, relax, and let our team of experts take the strain for you. Before taking any steps you need to be equipped an understanding of the market size, its potential and market restrictions; as well as the business environment itself with its plethora of both written and unwritten rules and regulations.

A full and accurate understanding and market analysis of the UAE is exceptionally difficult via the World Wide Web. Time-and-time-again professional business people have discovered what we already know: You simply cannot achieve an understanding of the UAE without being there. This is where BBM Consulting’s years of operational market experience provides valuable insights and know-how.


Setting up business in the UAE can be a lengthy and expensive undertaking, with many risks. The operational cost for an office and staff is quite high, and cultural differences make it extremely difficult to control from outside the country.

Even in these most challenging of economic times the UAE and Dubai act as a hub to the whole Middle East and still offer incredible potential and opportunities that no business owner should miss.

The question is always going to be: How can you access the market without taking high financial and operationalrisks? Well, BBM Consulting is the answer because we are focused on delivering real market access to European companies to the UAE market and beyond. BBM always strives to ensure minimal risk and full cost control.

Delivering premium and high-tech products, we build and maintain direct relationships with target customers to keeping the products at the top of the agenda and at the front of our minds.

BBM Consulting provides a personalized and tailored service for your business with a dedicated highly qualified representative showcasing your business in the region. A person who will act just as your most loyal and trusted employee would do. This approach gives you a real market presence with a real professional working for you and your interests alone. Businesses are built on personal relationships with customers; we establish, build, and grow these relationships for you.


Flexibility is key: we work based on your assignment, which can be either task or budget based. For example we can start with a one-day per-week assignment while extending this later as you gain more market share and presence. This allows you full control and minimizes your risks.


Secured after a few months of working with us as your local representative you will have gained “proof of business” and will also be operating contracts, both of which makes the chances of obtaining a “full company and license setup”much more feasible. BBM Consulting can also assist you with your license, advising you on the correct category, place of licensing and formation of your company.

Simply put: Whatever your needs, questions, concerns or obstacles, BBM Consulting is here to deliver quick, effective and proven solutions: Every time.